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Based in East Dulwich, we are an experienced tree surgery team, competent in all aspects of tree management. We mainly work in Southwark, Lewisham and Lambeth in South London for private clients.


Method Statement

Method Statement (Example)




Tree pruning at: Address:
Nearest Hospital : Address and Tel:
General Information Site Personnel Two man pruning team, supervised by Hamish Lodge, director of Cut Above Tree Management.
Works Description:  
Date of Works Work commencing on
Emergencies: Staff on site will have at least one mobile phone and appropriate First Aid Training and first aid equipment located in the Iveco lorry, registration MV05 CRU.
Training: Staff on site will have training appropriate to all tasks being undertaken, including relevant NPTC, and machinery operations. Copies of competency certificates can be made available if required. Also we are trained and certified in Chapter 8, use of appropriate signage when working on the roadside.
Vehicles: Iveco Euro Cargo 7.5T MV04CRU, Vermeer 935i wood chipper.
Hand Tools: Chainsaws, handsaws, Climbing ropes and harnesses.
Staff Our own workforces who are fully experienced in this type of operation will undertake all works. All staff has received the appropriate training for chainsaw operation, tree climbing and pruning techniques as per British Standard 3998 for tree works. There will be a minimum of two people on site while work is in progress. Their names are as follows, Hamish Lodge (director) and Sam Barnett.
PPE: Staff will have the following personal protective equipment:

Chainsaw protective trousers

Helmets complete with eye and ear protection

Chainsaw protective boots with steel cap

Gloves, Hi-vis reflective vests

First Aid kit on harness

First Aid Kit in vehicle, under passenger seat, MV05 CRU

Method: All non-workers will be excluded from the work area by using appropriate signs and barriers. All debris arising from the pruning work shall be chipped and will be removed from site.
First Aid: A first aid kit must be carried in all vehicles being used for these works, and at least one operative on site will be trained in first aid procedures.
Risk Assessment: Staff will complete a site-specific risk assessment for each individual tree. The team leader will be responsible for ensuring Health and Safety of everyone within the working area, and anybody that may be affected by the works in progress.
Working Hours: The work will be undertaken on a date to be confirmed. Normal working hours are from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. The site risk assessment will be undertaken prior to commencement of any works on site and on a tree-by-tree basis.



Certified by:

Hamish Lodge BSc – Director of
Cut Above Tree Management Ltd.



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Rick Glenn, Head Gardener, Dulwich Park, SE21 7BQ

"As Head Gardener at Dulwich Park I have had the opportunity over the past 4 years to observe the tree surgical talents of Hamish Lodge, Cut Above Tree Management. Hamish has always impressed me with his arbouricultural skills being very efficient, careful and accurate when tree felling, not damaging surrounding plants or structures whilst ensuring public safety. For these reasons I choose him for my private jobs too.

On a more personal level, he is a friendly positive person who always seems to be enjoying his work. No doubt this attitude will serve him well in his professional life. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Hamish well and look forward to seeing more of his work in the future."